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This resin owl is an antiqued bronze look!  Super cute!

(Item #71850)


Made locally by a young, busy man.

(Item #NB6186)

SOLD OUT $39.95

This looks AMAZING hanging on your front porch!

(Item #717115)


Such a versatile photo frame...you & your children, you & your spouse, you & your dog, you & your best friend.

(Item #318247)


A beautiful way to display your favorite house plant!

(Item #61795)


This wall pocket is fabulous...it holds flowers, wines, etc.

(Item #317121)


What a glorious way to say "I love the USA!"

(Item #616114)


This just makes me laugh out loud!

(Item #111739)


I wonder if there would be less "stupid" if this were true?

(Item #616240)


Granny was so wise when she said this (I don't remember the part about the water bill though!)

(Item #71842)


Poured in Nashville, TN, these candles will burn for approx. 55 hours!  A soy candle with amazing scents!


This says it all!

(Item #101659)


Awwww...she will LOVE this!

(Item #31869)


When we are grateful, our life is more full!

(Item #81785)


A great magnetic 3-minute egg timer.  Comes in yellow, white, & red.

(Item #71524)


So true!

(Item #31880)



(Item #61887)


John Wayne had such wisdom!

(Item #616238)