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Painted Metal Yard Art


Meet Mr. Cornman!  He's ready for work, carrying his bucket!

(Item #61857)


Our rusty sunflowers are so popular!  

(Item #31776)


Ants are usually really annoying...but when they come bearing flowers, they are darn cute!

(Item #61856)


Because everyone needs a red plump pig!

(Item #318103)


How many roosters have you seen riding a trike?

(Item #31889)


What a beautiful way to invite someone into your garden!

(Item #81814)


The pink lily bouquet will add serious color to your garden!

(Item #516220)


Because everyone needs a good dinosaur!

(Item #318128)


Everyone needs at least one orange frog sitting on a mushroom in their yard!

(Item #61884)


The colors on this parrot are so vivid.  He would make a beautiful addition to your tiki bar area.

(Item #81816)


Drought resistant, deer resistant, minimal watering (ha!), and no fertilizing!

(Item #51890)


Orange puffy chicken, anyone?

(Item #517101)


This adorable ladybug keeps great company with this sunflower swirl.

(Item #81812)


Red lilies in a black vase.  Make someone in your world very happy!

(Item #318125)

Our "Garden"

Whether you want kinetics for your yard, yard art for your garden, or a bistro table, come check out our "garden"!


Of all the dogs we have, the dachshund is always a favorite.  

(Item #51862) 


When you set this 3' Big Foot in your forest (next to the road, of course), people will do a double take!

(Item #51895)


Your corn crop is ready for harvest!

(Item #61852)